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After establishing a successful program in Western Canada, we're excited to announce that we'll soon be launching our newest Black Kids Cide (Girls) chapter, bringing technology and coding education to Black girls in the Greater Toronto Area. Our mission is to bridge the diversity gap in STEM, and improve the future of Black girls through education in computer science and technology.

Black Kids Code (Girls) is coming to GTA!

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"If they can't see us, they can't be us."

Who We Are
The world is undergoing a rapid evolution, driven by remarkable technological advancements in STEM disciplines. As technology continues to evolve, it's crucial that Black girls not only possess an awareness of these changes but actively engage in them, ultimately assuming leadership roles at the forefront of this technological progression. Our goal is clear and vital: to inspire Black girls from an early age, equipping them with education and empowerment, so they can meaningfully contribute to and shape the digital revolution.

Our Programs
We offer various programs to help Black girls from ages 8 - 17 develop digital skills and become tomorrow’s leaders. Our programs include coding camps, gaming & robotics workshops, summer camps, after-school programs, and other digital literacy initiatives. We partner with schools and community organizations to provide technology education to Black girls and inspire them to pursue careers in technology.

Our Impact
We know that when they see us, many will want to be like us. We want to provide every Black girl the opportunity to see the excitement of STEM-related disciplines for themselves. We want to create opportunities for Black girls to be the tech leaders of tomorrow. A 2016 Brookfield Institute study found that only 2.6% of the tech workforce were Black. Our aim is to improve this statistic.

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